Friday, February 12, 2010

Pimp Mah Build 2

Just wanted to give an update on my build since I've grown to twice the level since my first post about it.  Lots of changes since level 23, let me tell ya.  Not the least of which is I broke down and bought dual spec and now have a second build to discuss.  Why I shell out the 1,000g?  Well, partly because I had it sitting around and I like to have the flexibility.  But also I can see myself wanting to experiment with warrior DPS.  Plus, the thought of a big (fn) cow walking around wielding two massive 2-H weapons is a happy thought indeed.

But first, we'll revisit my current Prot build. At the end of my first PMB, I was pondering where to go next and was leaning towards taking some damage boosting talents such as Incite and Improved Revenge instead of Toughness which I think I did for awhile.  I'm not sure how far along I got, though, before I realized I was a tank and my job was to take damage and live.  So I did Big's first respec and took Toughness and have concentrated on mitigation talents since.  Right now, my focus is to move down the tree as quickly as possible so that I can get Shockwave at 60.  To get there, I'll finish up with Vitality (stamina, strength expertise cha-cha-cha!) and One Handed Weapon Specialization (cuz while I'm not actively seeking DPS in my talents, I won't turn my nose up at it either and that is simply the best talent to get me to the next level.   And I get two very nice skills in that level - Devastate and Warbringer.  From what I understand, Devastate will be the focus of my tanking rotation and the flexibility and mobility that Warbringer will give me will be HUGE.  I'll take Focused Rage to round out that tier and from there it'll be a nice straight shot down to Shockwave. 

Now, let's take a look at my Fury build I don't plan on actively gearing this build for some time, but I have noticed that I have access to some decent items from the loot sacks I get each dungeon run so I confident I'll be able to maintain a decent set all the way up.  Plus, I can see myself wanting some time between dungeon runs to mine or pick flowers.  Insta-queue is great, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a tank just wants some time to hisself.  Anyway, my goal with this build is the same as with Prot - to get to my top talent ASAP.  I used Matthew Rossi's great guide Fury 101 to help me pick out the must have talents and I think I got it (mostly) right.  I haven't taken it out for a spin yet, but this weekend I'll do some farming and probably go and solo SFK, which I somehow managed to not do through the LFG.

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